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The Importance of calgary signage to Your Business

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According to ChamberofCommerce, people prefer to deal with a familiar business rather than an unknown one. A sign helps to make your business familiar. People see your sign in calgary every time they pass it – it builds familiarity even if they aren’t really paying attention at the time. In a 2 year study of first time customers, half said that their first exposure to the business was the company sign. It was estimated that between 15 and 45 percent of a small company’s revenue can start with their sign. According to sign companies calgary, people notice your sign before anything else.

An unprofessional sign makes your business look unprofessional. Misspelled words, poor grammar, badly drawn logos, overly busy signs which are hard to read — all of these can send potential customers to the competition. A professional, eye-catching sign can help draw in business that might otherwise go to your competitors.brittanio signage


Signs serve many purposes for your business. Your exterior signs show people your location and how you differ from other businesses in the area. They not only tell potential customers what you are offering, they differentiate you from the similar business down the street. Additionally, your sign may convey contact information, hours, and even your company mission.

Signs serve as an untiring sales presence inside and outside your shop. Properly placed, high quality interior signage assists your customers to find the merchandise they want and may increase impulse purchases. The U.S. Small Business Association newsletter says that the right sign can be a key factor in the success of a new business.

Typescement calgary signs

Depending on your location, your business may need different types of exterior signs in calgary. A ground-mounted sign located near a road can catch the attention of passing motorists. This helps build brand recognition even when potential customers are not looking for your services. Signs attached to your building serve the same purpose in areas where pedestrian traffic is common and in parking lots. Sidewalk and window signs are more easily changed and can be used to announce sales, new services, or new merchandise


Exterior signs should promote your brand continuously. Using your logo on the sign can help accomplish this, so your sign becomes a part of your marketing strategy. You can also use exterior signs to advertise promotions and educate potential customers about your business.


A professionally designed, properly placed sign can be one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing your business. The SBA website talks about cost-per-thousand as a way of measuring the impact of your marketing strategy. Because your outdoor signs are in place continuously, the potential for many thousands of exposures exists. Unlike newspapers, radio, and television, the impact is ongoing. The cost is not.


In addition to your interior and exterior calgary signs, you may be able to reach even more potential customers by using magnetic signs on the side or rear of your company vehicles. Effectively designed and placed billboards can promote your business to anyone who passes them. Signs designed and placed by professionals can help you avoid conflict with state and local regulations. A sign designed to attract your target audience will draw more business than a more generic style of sign.

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New signage promises to make it easier to navigate Toronto on foot

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The City of Toronto is introducing new wayfinding signage, ready for thousands of people navigating around downtown for The Pan Am Games.

The Toronto 360 wayfinding project (TO360) launches its pilot phase on Monday, mostly in Toronto’s financial district. It’s the first comprehensive wayfinding project the City has introduced.

“It isn’t just about signs. It’s about helping people navigate space,” explains Brent Raymond, a partner at design firm DTAH. “The best examples are always places like airports. People who aren’t familiar with a place at all, they need to be able to find information quickly and feel confident about their environment.”

The pilot project, the City will create 16 maps and five fingerposts, which point pedestrians at intersections towards important landmarks. Focusing on landmarks is more intuitive, according to Chris Ronson, TO360 project manager, because it replicates people’s natural way of navigating. The previous maps had colour-coded highlights of Business Improvement Areas in the city.

“I want to know, where is St. Lawrence Market? Where is The ROM?”

Inspiration came from projects in other cities around the world, such as the Legible London project in England, according to Fiona Chapman, manager of pedestrian projects at City of Toronto. In addition to helping newcomers, TO360 ease congestion and provide transit options.

“We did a lot of work looking at other jurisdictions, and were really informed, particularly, by what they did [in London].

“They had a eureka moment where they realized if they can get people above ground, and make the journey to the next station on foot, which would take five minutes, you wouldn’t have to invest a boatload of capital into that infrastructure.”
If this program is successful, Ms. Chapman said, City staff will recommend a city-wide rollout to City council.

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